process1The first phase of your project is your communications with the overseas stud master; we recommend when dealing with stud masters you try and acquire at least three breeding units of frozen semen to cover any potential ‘misses’. If possible, try for the entire ejaculate and perhaps agree to pay another stud fee should you use the remainder of the semen for another successful pregnancy.








process2A breeding unit consists of a minimum of 150 million sperm and is usually despatched in a plastic vial of about twice the circumference of a ‘Bic’ biro, this in turn is stored on a ‘cane’, placed in a ladle and then placed inside an aluminium tank encased in a plastic mushroom for transport.





DCF 1.0The storage medium is liquid nitrogen absorbed into a honeycomb like structure inside the aluminium tank, not unlike the vacuum thermos flask used to carry hot or cold drinks. Our shipping tanks have a transit and storage life of 10 days for local movements, and 21 days for international movements.





shipping_containerCryogenes work closely with collecting vets around the world to ensure the collection and resultant paperwork complies to Australian entry requirements and we aim for the semen to be of sufficient quality to expect a successful pregnancy.
The semen ownership is transferred from the donor dog’s kennel club and registered here with you as the owner in much the same process if you were registering a dog in Australia. Cryogenes works closely with kennel authorities to assist with transfer of ownership.
ANKC Registration Paperwork
Cryogenes will arrange all paperwork to import your semen and to register the semen with your local kennel authority, with the exception of the “Three Generation Certified Pedigree”.

ANKC Registration Requirements are:
• Final release from Quarantine
• Certificate of Collection
• Transfer of Ownership
• Three Generation Certified Pedigree (Owner or stud master to supply)

Should you require more accurate veterinary and semen storage pricings please contact us at