With over twenty years experience in all aspects of frozen canine semen movement, Diane Anderson together with Late husband Keith, decided in 2006 to set up Cryogenes to transport frozen semen around the world.

As breeders and exhibitors ourselves, we have first hand experience of the benefits of using frozen semen in our breeding program.

Cryogenes first frozen litter produced a puppy titled at twelve months and was later named 2006 Victorian ‘Irish Setter Bitch of the Year’. A feat she repeated at 7 years of age in 2012.

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Our second frozen semen litter of eleven puppies produced a wonderful dog pup shown at twelve weeks of age.

A visiting Irish Setter specialist judge and former president of the Irish Setter Club of America, selected him to return to the United States.

Cryogenes now specialize in import and export of frozen canine semen internationally. We also arrange domestic transfers of frozen semen all around Australia.

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